My name is Pedro Canhenha. I've been working as a UI/UX Creative Director/Interactive Designer/Visual Designer/Art Director since the year 2001. My work experience has included a variety of different industries, namely Software Development, Interactive and Advertising Agencies, E-Commerce Companies, Fitness and Wellness, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Supply Chain/Inventory Management and Healthcare. As a direct result of such diversity I've acquired a considerable knowledge of several disciplines and processes. In tandem with this UI/UX work, I have also pursued the creation of digital illustrations which are available on the image banks, ImageZoo and GettyImages. I have extensive experience in Innovation Labs, and developing applications, web, progressive and native. I consider myself a hard-working person and I thrive to create products of impeccable design & functionality and pristine execution. I firmly believe in teamwork and achieving the best results through iteration and collaborative ideation.