​​​​​​My career has been shaped by a variety of experiences in different fields and industries. For over a decade I’ve consistently worked with software Organizations, implementing Design Thinking methodologies across a variety of Industries. Prior to that, my work was primarily focused on implementing Interactive Solutions for an eclectic group of clients, in the Design Agency/Consulting environment. And finally, my first professional experience was in the domain of Education, teaching & training students in Interactive & UI/UX Design.
My academic and professional skills are rooted in Human Centered Design, Interaction Design, Visual Design, among other disciplines that are part of the Product Design ecosystem, complimented by my additional background in Business and Education.​​​​​​​
The chapters identified below, are the process and method I frequently implement. This process allows me and the teams I collaborate with to achieve solutions that are resonant, for users/clients, businesses and all their ecosystems.
The three chapters demonstrated here are essentially a reflection of the Design Thinking methodology, but with a few nuances. The first chapter, is more than just creating empathy with users or clients, who come in contact with the ecosystem of what is about to be created. It’s about researching all of the above, but also understanding the overall context, be it economically, socially, demographically, in which these individuals consume something that is being delivered. It’s also about understanding your peers, the ones you collaborate with, and will add as much if not more, value to the process itself. Understanding all these variables, with its underlying research, means looking at Personas/Characters, but also at metrics, reviews, competitive analysis, feedback from users/clients. It’s a crucial step in Product Creation and Solution generation.
Creation of concepts walks hand in hand with its validation. Users/Clients are knowledgeable of what their wants and needs are, and as part of any Product Journey, it’s essential they are consulted. Clients’s feedback, but just as importantly their aspirations, paint points, overall journeys, should always be accounted for, documented and registered. Ideating and Iterating is a mechanism which allows us to quickly understand the path we’re embarking and what the potential destination looks like.
All the Context Building, Iterating and Usability Testing, provide a solid groundwork on which additional Innovation can be built upon. Materializing all the prototypes that were built and tested upon, this is the step which allows for scalability and ultimately for a product solution to truly come alive. It’s a richly layered stepping stone in making a product a reality.
A bit more about myself and my journey. I have a background in Education, Business Administration and Human Computer Interaction. My work experience has included a variety of different industries, namely Education, Interactive and Advertising Agencies, E-Commerce, Fitness and Wellness, Legal Services,  Telecommunications, Financial Services, SaaS, Travel, Supply Chain, Inventory Management, Rewards Platforms and Healthcare. 
As part of my professional journey, I've also had the opportunity to craft Interaction Design Programs across Schools and Training Institutes, lead Pilot Application exercises in Innovation Labs and Implement Design Thinking processes across various Organizations, while also amplifying Design Literacy across eclectic and diverse teams. 
My career path has also led me to collaborate with diverse teams (Product, Marketing, Development, Inventory Management, Customer Support, Sales, among others), establish Omni-channel experiences, with underlying initiatives of building robust and scalable Design Systems (contemplating aspects such as Accessibility/Compliance, GDPR and Localization). 
I have also ventured into extensively writing on topics such as Design, Innovation, and process improvement, while simultaneously producing a variety of Illustration work across different Image Banks and Online stores.
I consider myself a hard-working person and I thrive to create products of impeccable design & functionality combined with pristine execution. I firmly believe in teamwork, thorough research processes, usability testing practices and achieving the best results through iteration and collaborative ideation.
- User Experience (UX) Strategy and Design
- Usability Testing (Moderated and Unmoderated)
- User Research (including Interviews, Ethnographic Studies and Voice of the Customer)
- UX Writing
- Interaction Design
- Creative Direction
- Visual Design
- Identity & Brand Design
- User Centered Design Methodologies
- Low and High Fidelity Prototyping
- Persona Development and Journey Mapping
- Information Architecture
- Content Strategy and Creation
- Agile/Scrum Process
- Adobe Creative Suite
- Wireframing & Sketching
- Workshop Planning, Presenting & Documenting
- Print & Motion Design
- Responsive & Mobile Design
- Design Patterns
- Native Application Design
- Natural Language Processing
- Accessible and Inclusive Design
- Team Leadership and Management
- Design Education and Strategy
- Enterprise Software
- Machine Learning
- Service Design
- Augmented Reality Apps
- SaaS Product Experiences
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